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We are Steamoji, the world’s fastest growing STEM franchise. Steamoji’s franchise system helps mission-minded investors support their local communities and make a good living. The way we achieve these outcomes is through our 400-hour “Build to Solve”® curriculum that keeps kids engaged, their parents informed and requires no technical skills to manage.

Technological Change is Accelerating

BY 2023, STEM = 70% OF TOPS JOBS

Over the last 20 years, how much has your cell phone changed compared to you children's school curriculum? Parents understand this which creates a high-demand market. As a Steamoji franchise owner you will naturally become a hub for parents trying to fill this gap in your community.

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Steamoji uses a mix of custom-built and third-party systems. We designed technology systems to (1) maximize franchisees operational efficiency and (2) be sure kids stay engaged, while parents see progress, including videos of children’s progress with conversation starters in our parent mobile app.

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Steamoji’s 400-hour structured curriculum is unique. We designed Steamoji in a structured and reinforcing fashion across five subject pathways: fabrication, physical computing, engineering, digital arts and applied design. Students are taught basic skills, then encouraged to practically apply them in a spirit of Build to Solve®.

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Kids Stay Engaged, Parents See Progress

What did your child last say when you asked them "What did you learn in class?" "I forgot" is the all-too-common response. We believe kids need to be engaged in order to attend, while clearly showing parents the progress they are making. Everyone stays happy.

400-Hour "Build to Solve" Curriculum

Our 400-hour structured and reinforcing curriculum sets us apart. No one else has anything like it. Attending 2 hours a week, an elementary school child could spend almost 4 years at your academy. Think of the lifetime value and reduced churn.


To keep kids engaged, we have gamification elements baked in a multiple points. From Oji Coins that are redeemable for prizes, achievement levels to motivate progression, and house teams to create a sense of camaraderie across levels and geographies; all these elements make kids want to come back to your academy.

Backend IT Systems

We provide a number of IT systems to help you succeed. A dashboard administration system helps you manage CRM and operations at your academy. An 'Apprentice App' for kids is used to deliver pre-recorded video lessons. An 'Academy App' helps you make sure everything runs smoothly.

Optimized Franchise System

We have invested heavily in developing support systems to help you succeed at each of the 3 development stages for your Steamoji Academy. Our extensive training process, and ongoing support, will help you get from launch, to break even, to running a profitable business.

Brand Development

With Steamoji, you will not only feel good as you see first-hand how you are igniting sparks of creativity in the kids at your academy, you will also look good while doing it! At Steamoji HQ we have a priority on developing the 'Steamoji' brand nationwide, including a 'pre-seeding' program to hand off existing memberships in your territory to you on Day 1!

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Franchise Partner Testimonials

Partner Testimonails

My son wants to go to Steamoji every day, and even says he wants to work there as a facilitator one day!

Bella W. Steamoji Richmond North
Partner Testimonails

Seeing kids light up and get excited about new technology is one of the reasons I love being a part of Steamoji. I know we’re doing the right things when our apprentices expand on the skills they’ve learned, and bring an idea from design to proof of concept.

Adam H. Steamoji Kitsilano