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What Training and Support is Provided?
We have a detailed training program to support you through the three stages of owning a Steamoji franchise.

Training and support is divided into three distinct stages: Opening the Doors, Race to Break Even, Ongoing Growth.

"By going through our training systems and following our operations manual you will be well on your way to successfully operating your Steamoji academy."
Owen Hann, VP Operations

Opening the Doors

Immediately after you sign the franchise agreement, you will be assigned a Steamoji Success Partner. At this time you will also get access to our online Steamoji University where you will start a minimum of 4 months of weekly e-learning. You will be introduced to all things Steamoji and get a solid foundation for both the marketing and operations sides of the business. In the weeks prior to opening your doors you will visit a Steamoji corporate-owned location where you will spend a few days practising scripts and interacting with families.

Race to Break Even

After you open your doors, you will continue to work with a Steamoji Success Partner to help ensure that you reach break-even as quickly as possible. Additionally, you can participate in our private franchisee discussion groups to get a better sense for what is working and not working for other franchisees.

Ongoing Growth

Once you have reached cashflow break even, your Steamoji Success Partner will continue to check-in, but less frequently. At this stage, we hope you can start sharing your experience and expertise with other franchisees in the system.