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How Does Steamoji Leverage Technology
We have invested in a number of technology systems to both differentiate your Steamoji Academy and drive its profitability.

Steamoji was founded by Hank Horkoff in 2019 along with a group of other parents who were also struggling to find solutions to help their children develop STEAM skills. During the COVID lockdowns in 2020, they recruited a network of subject-matter experts from around the Pacific Northwest to build out a 400-hour Build to Solve™ curriculum and a core group of technology experts to build out the systems to deliver it.

"A Dell report stated that 85% of the jobs in 2030 don't even exist yet.* Technological change is accelerating. Naturally, many parents feel STEAM subjects (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) are important to help prepare their children for the careers of their future, but see schools more focused on traditional studies.
I tried to solve this problem myself. I went on Amazon and searched for 'STEM kit'. Do you know how many results I got got back? Try it for yourself. How can the average parent make sense of what to buy or how to progress? Then, I sent my oldest son to a local maker space for a Summer camp. He got excited and did a fun project, but then what? There was no progression or way to continue to nurture his interest. There is a big market gap.
We started Steamoji to fill this gap with the goal of future-proofing our children."
Hank Horkoff, Co-Founder & CEO

The first corporate-owned Steamoji location was opened in Vancouver, Canada at the beginning of September 2020.