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What Makes Steamoji Unique?
Our 400-hour structured and reinforcing Build to Solve™ curriculum sets us apart. No one else has anything like it. 

Steamoji’s 400-hour Build to Solve™ curriculum is designed to fill the market gap for STEAM education in a structured and reinforcing fashion across five subject pathways: fabrication, physical computing, engineering, digital arts and applied design. Students are taught basic skills, then encouraged to practically apply them in a spirit of “Build to Solve”.

"The development of our Build to Solve™ curriculum has required a significant investment, but it should keep students engaged for around 5 years of twice-weekly study."
Alex Chunn, VP Product

In addition to engaging students with our project-based curriculum projects, Steamoji has developed a number of gamification elements to keep kids wanting to come back. 'Oji Coins' are earned by attending sessions and can be redeemed for prizes. Students progress through 10 achievement levels, earning a new badge each time they level up. House teams create a sense of comradarie across achievement levels and encourage healthy competition to earn more Oji Coins.

For parents, it is imporant to see progress. Steamoji provides a clear picture of the larger curriculum roadmap and their child's progression on a session-by-session basis.

From a business perspective, Steamoji uses a membership model. With five years of curriculum to be studied, there is a strong draw to retain members. Predictable revenue with ongoing, recurring incoming payments is great to have (in addition to providing a lot of peace of mind!).