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Do I Have to Be a Technology Person?
No. We have already done a lot of the hard work to support you.

To own a Steamoji franchise, you might think that you need to have a technology background. Although we certainly attract the high-tech crowd, you do not have to be. We have all the high-tech geekiness that you need to build a successful Steamoji franchise. This means you get to focus on running a successful business.

"We are looking for people who are passionate about training the next generation of innovators."
Mikhail Baiman, VP Development

To support you, we have already built all the technology systems you need and continue to iterate our 400-hour Build To Solve™ curriculum. With our expert, video-led, facilitator-supported delivery model you can leverage our subject matter expertise. An extra bonus of this approach is that your facilitator staff will likely be less expensive high school and university students (in some cases as volunterrs!), who are passionate about the space. You do not need to be a subject-matter expert, but you need to drive the business forward.

So whatever background you have, these are the traits we are looking for:

  1. Business Development Skills - Ideally, you are active in your local community. If you have children, you are active with parent networks at school and your children are active in local community activities, like soccer. You need to be out and about in the community promoting the benefits of a Steamoji membership. If you prefer to hide behind a computer waiting for digital marketing leads to arrive, you are less likely to be successful.

  2. A Commitment to Following Our Training & Using Our Systems - We have put a lot of study and optimization into what we have learned are the best practices for success. While we definitely encourage our local partners to give us feedback on what they are seeing, you should expect the majority of your day-to-day operations to be guided by our training process.

  3. Have a Passion for What We Are Doing - We are doing something special. When you watch one our Steamoji students get inspired, you start to get a sense for just how important this business could be in affecting the development of their future. As a Steamoji franchisee you will naturally become a community-hub for like-minded families in your community.

  4. A Business Aptitude - You don't need a business degree to run a Steamoji academy. As long as you are committed to following our training you will be okay.

  5. The Required Capital - We can introduce you to financing partners, but you should expect to have about $100,000 in liquid capital to open a Steamoji academy and to make a total overall investment of $210,500 to $488,000 for an Academy franchise.