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How Does Steamoji Leverage Technology
We have invested in a number of technology systems to both differentiate your Steamoji Academy and drive its profitability.

We use a mix of custom-built and third-party systems. We have designed our technology systems to (1) maximize your operational efficiency and (2) be sure kids stay engaged, while parents see progress.

"Our technology systems deliver our Build to Solve™ curriculum to apprentices, with the goal of keeping kids engaged while keeping parents abreast of progress. On top of that, we have a whole bunch of systems to make life easier for our franchise partners."
William Casarin, VP Technology

We have invested in systems to manage leads & customer acquisition, academy operations, parent communications and brand marketing. We use a number of third-party systems to support you with training, support ticketing, intra-franchisee communication and scheduling. We are committed to continuing to develop these and other systems in the future.