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How Do I Get Members?
There are a number of national and local marketing initiatives to support you.

Selling a Steamoji membership often involves educating parents on the value Steamoji offers their children.

"As a new concept in an emerging category, parents often show a strong interest in Steamoji, but aren't always 100% clear on what it entails. It's important to 'show' just as much as 'tell' as you give you product introductions and academy tours."
VP Marketing, TR Harrington

At a national level, we are committed to developing the leading STEAM-education, franchise brand. Activities include everything from website optimization and promotion, to leading social marketing promotion, to developing content marketing and ad campaigns. Your brand fund contributions help us do this.

At a local level, we expect you to be very active in the parent community of your territory extolling the virtues of a Steamoji education. You will have a minimum ad spend per month (based on our experience on what it takes to be successful), but you will have control as to which pre-made campaigns and activities you want to participate in. You will recieve 100% transparency as to the results of your advertising investments.